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Granular Sulphur

The granulation process uses a size enlargement process to transform molten Sulphur into dense spherical solid granules. Small particles of Sulphur (seed) are introduced at the feed end of the drum and are sprayed and coated with molten Sulphur as the product moves toward the drum discharge. Each applied layer is cooled to solidification before another coat of molten Sulphur is applied. With repeated application, bonding and then cooling of successive coats, the seeds increase in volume and weight until they reach the desired granule size, usually 1 to 6 mm in diameter. A screening process separates undersize granules from the product size granules, which allows the undersize to be recycled to the drum inlet as seeds.

Specifications Sulphur


Granulated Sulphur is mainly used as a raw material to make sulphuric acid, one of the most important chemicals in industrial processes. It is widely used in the fertilizer industry, the rubber industry, and for making steel, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.