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IK Group is one of the leading companies in the industry with a strong balance sheet and access to capital through global financial institutions. As global communication networks grow and get more sophisticated, bringing producers and final buyers ever closer, requires more effort and a specific approach. IK Group as a truly global trading company adds value and supports for growing, with a liquid and flexible capital structure. By doing it we are able to structure and offer various financing instruments to our counterparts based on their specific needs.

About IK Group Financing

IK Group provides mentioned financing solutions to customers

• Full or partial prepayments to producers and suppliers in the form of pre-export trade financing.
• Extended credit and payment terms at competitive interest rates to buyers.
• Stock financing is where buyers pay for and take the product in small tranches out of a controlled warehouse where IK Group stores the product.
• Capital investment into fertilizer plants against product offtake
• Raw material supply agreements.
• Capital injections or long-term loans under Joint Venture and profit-sharing agreements.
• Financing and structuring tolling agreements and complex barter contracts.